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Find Your Tribe

Cancer has a way of really identifying who is there for you and who can't be. Don't let other people's limitations make you feel unworthy. The people meant to be in your tribe will show up for you. Love them hard.


Get Moving! Run, walk or even crawl if you must. Your goals don't need to end because of your diagnosis. Moving your body and eating right will help your body, mind and soul. Take care of YOU!


You are in a battle. Your armor is of your making. For me it was a killer wig, red lipstick and a stellar wardrobe. Fight your battle in whatever armor puts you in warrior mode. You are strong and oh, so capable.  

Do You

You will receive  many well intended pieces of advice and tips for getting through this. The greatest advice I received was "Do You". Always be authentic to what drives your soul and fuels your spirit.  No matter what.

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