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Life is full of ups and question. Often times the tendency, it seems, is to only appreciate the good, comfortable, easy and joyous moments. In my experience, that leaves a lot of time and space for moments that are less than ideal and up for grabs as to what to do with. I started an online class with Yale University that is entitled "The Science of Well Being". It is diving into how we can find happiness and live a fulfilled life. I think we all can agree, it seems like a simple formula, but why then are some of us seeking more to be happy? The current pandemic and justifiable social unrest that we are experiencing right now make it abundantly clear, in my opinion, that it is not material things or even experiences like trips and outings to different places that are the key to happiness. These things help, yes, but I believe that what we truly want is to give and receive love, obviously, but we also crave an existence where we feel heard, appreciated and seen as valuable and perhaps irreplaceable . Savoring is the ability to step outside of an experience to review and appreciate it. Sure, it's important and heartwarming to savor the first "I love you" that you received from someone who set your soul on fire, or the moment you witnessed the first breath of life that your baby took, or perhaps the day you heard the words "cancer free"! No question, these are all worthy of savoring. What if, however, we decided to savor the uncomfortable, scary, cringe worthy, not so pleasant moments? What if we decided to step outside all of the ugly truths to review, learn and create opportunities for an even better existence? I can tell you with 100% certainty that the hardest, most difficult moments of my life have brought me the greatest joy because I whole heartedly experienced them, reviewed them, learned from them and allowed them to propel me to something much greater. Maybe I am idealistic and an optimist at heart, but I think if we are willing to savor the bad stuff, true happiness is easily within our grasp. By no means is this easy. It takes work, commitment and a mindset that is it willing to be open to new opinions, experiences and it legit challenges the status quo. I urge and challenge you right now, no matter what your opinion is on what is happening in the world, to take it as an opportunity to be better. We could all use some personal growth which puts us on the road to true happiness, the kind that can't ever be taken from you. Be willing to do the work. Savor it all.

Just as the sun rises each morning, I believe each day we are given an opportunity. We can either stay the same, pretending we already have it all, maybe seeking something we are not really willing to work for or we can rise. Rise to the occasion of being a better friend, parent, partner and human. Steve Maraboli wrote: "I love that this morning's sunrise does not define itself by last night's sunset". It's not too late to seek and obtain the happiness each of us deserves. It is also not too late to be the kind of human who is concerned about the happiness of your neighbor. Savor the lessons that are there to be had right here, right now. My wish is that we are all open to hearing each other, respecting each other, and supporting each other so that happiness is found within each one of us and as a collective whole. You matter. I support you. I wish you well and I am here with you to savor the good and bad so that we can all just be better. Much love-M

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