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Today is a Gift

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

No really, this weekend we get to have a day as an actual GIFT!! It's February 29th...We don't see this day every year. It's an extra day that we get to decide what to do with! An incredible opportunity to savor the joy and complete privilege it is to be alive! I know, it's just a Saturday you say, but think about what you could do in just one day that can make you feel grateful for each breath you take. I"m challenging you to live like a survivor on that day. I don't mean that you have to go out and spend a ton of money or go on some crazy trip, but live with intention. Take nothing for granted. Maybe even use this day to sit, reflect and just dream big. Our thoughts have so much power over our actions and our attitude. Live as if there are no rules and no boundaries on this day. Let nothing hold you back. Seize and conquer what you desire. Manifest your wildest dreams and take time for YOU. I thought about sending this post out on the 29th, but I"m giving you a little heads up, some prep time if you will. Let your thoughts run rules for this! Just make a conscious effort to do something different. Light a candle, write a letter, go for a walk and enjoy the sunset, take the kids ice skating...something! There was a time in my life I was pleading for just one more day, hour, minute...I'm planning on using this extra day to reflect on how I'm living my life authentically to me and how I"m rising to the challenges set before me. I'm setting new goals and celebrating goals achieved. I want to do something spontaneous and out of my comfort zone. I will listen to good music and say as many "I love yous" as I can. This life is short and I know what I was willing to sacrifice for just one more day. I'm grateful for all of it. The highs, lows, the struggles, lessons, setbacks, comebacks...all of it! I'm completely grateful for every damn second. Use this extra day to reinvent yourself and take the time for what matters to you. Invest in yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Don't be like me and wait for a brush with death as the wake up call to realize what a gift it is to be alive. Today is your gift...embrace it. -M

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1 comentário

27 de fev. de 2020

Beautiful post and what I really needed to hear today. 😘

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