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Behind every good name...

Killingitfriday? Shouldn't the goal be to go out and "kill it" every single day? Well, yes, but in this case "killingitfriday" refers to my weekly chemotherapy treatments that happened to occur on, you guessed it, Fridays. Friday was the day of the week I chose to get up, dress up and... damn straight... show up for the battle set out before me. I found red lipstick to be my color of choice as I entered my weekly reminder that I was not in charge of what put me in that chair, but I WAS in charge of how I was showing up for battle. Add to that, wearing the perfect ensemble and I felt like I was wearing the strongest, grandest of

Prepare for battle

armor. I chose to focus on what Chemo was doing FOR me and not TO me. That mindset was lifesaving. I promise that all of my blog entries won't be all about Cancer, because how fun is that. But the truth of the matter is that while I won't let cancer define me, it has molded me. I am confident that I have been molded into a better version of myself and I''m so grateful for the life lessons. So consider this site an ode to #killingitfriday -M

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05. Jan. 2019

Beautiful mindset! Can’t wait to see all the good things coming your way! 😘

Gefällt mir
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