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Fly High My Friend.

This isn't the post I had planned for this week, but life has once again proved to me that what we plan, isn't always what we experience. I lost a friend today. Pat was a neighbor to my parents and friend to my family for quite some time. She would always come to my daughter and niece's dance recitals and she was the first house my kids would trick or treat at every Halloween. Pat was a good friend to my mom and in this past year, such a blessing, source of strength and support to me. Something like 20 years ago, Pat was diagnosed with breast cancer. She beat it.

Her cancer then returned in other places of her body several more times over this span of time. She beat it every time. This time, however, it was just too much. She was relentless in her battle and was a fucking warrior until the very end. My plan was go to and see her today and show her my support and express my gratitude for the mark she has left on my life. I didn't get that chance today. I am overwhelmed with grief, fear, sadness, but also gratitude. Gratitude because this woman was an example of not only what it takes to fight through adversity time and again, but also how to live. I truly never understood or knew of the battles that she had endured because all I saw was a woman hell bent on living. It wasn't until I was going through my battle that I learned about her past and really comprehended what a superhero she was. Thank you, Pat, for loaning me one of your wings when mine were clearly broken. Thank you for tea time with our little girls, the messages of support sent my way, the glasses of wine shared with my mom and for showing me what it looks like to never give up. I imagine that now your wings are spread, your hair and nails are done and you are soaring effortlessly in the direction of the sun. Fly high my friend. Your mark here has been left and your legacy will never be forgotten. -M

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