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Invisible Strings

Such a time to be bear witness to the constant clash of logic and skepticism, fear and pity, as well as compassion and judgment is unfathomable. I've grown tired of the constant tug of war that is this present day life. Emotions from just about everyone are running high and opinions and conflict are everywhere you turn. It's becoming clearer to me that true empathy must be a ramification of true else do you justify how much of it is lacking? I'm tired of my life's circumstances seeming me to be fragile, when quite frankly you ought to be covetous of my strength. My eyes have witnessed tragedy, my soul wounded from the extensive fight. I long for a day where there is peace and so, so much more light. I know my angles are with. me as I call on them to guide me through the ups and downs of survivorship and just everyday life. As I look ahead at all of the hurdles to clear in the weeks to come, I wanted to share a poem that I read that resonated with me. To be vulnerable and real in this world is brave, authentic and I believe leads to true resilience. Here goes....

The Invisible Strings that held her together were slowly breaking apart.

And unraveling the mess she kept inside

Dangerously close to her heart

To the People around her, she looked just fine

Nobody knew she was struggling to cope

But in the moment of darkness when she felt so alone

She found herself losing all hope

She felt the tears on the rims of her eyes

Threatening to spill and break free

But she blinked them back as hard as she could

Out of fear that somebody would see

She wanted to appear like she had it all together

So She tried to put on a show

But the pressure she placed on herself was too great

And the invisible strings let go.


To those of you struggling, my wish for you is that your invisible strings turn into invisible wings....don't give up, don't lose hope. Soar and know you are never alone. -XO-M

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1 Comment

Aug 24, 2020

What a beautiful poem! I love your writing. You always touch on so many things we are feeling, with ourselves or with the world today. Thank you for always being a beacon of hope and love. 😘💜

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