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Ugh. I hate roadblocks. Literally and figuratively. Is it not the hardest thing sometimes to figure out a Plan B? I mean, you're coasting along, feeling good, everything is going according to plan and then BOOM! How do you find a new route to work if you're already late and the one you usually take is closed? What if a check you desperately need hasn't come (ahem, taxes) and you really need to use that money for an important project... now what? Your babysitter just told you that she can't stay with the kids and you have a can't miss appointment. You find out that you have a whopper of a health issue that you can't ignore any longer. Your body just can't seem to heal and you have a half marathon in 2 weeks...major downer. These are all obstacles, roadblocks, challenges, whatever you want to call them. I think the initial response is to freak, get mad, cry, or just panic. It's also completely normal to feel the "why me" pains of complete frustration and annoyance. But what hang in here for a second...we embrace these roadblocks? We use them to mold us, challenge us and essentially make us better? It takes a strong mind and spirit to think this way, but what I've found is that life throws us curveballs all the time. Some at greater speed than others, but when we take a breath and just think before we react, we tend to keep our composure and find a way around the given roadblock. Rarely is this easy and it might take some sacrifice, but the one thing that I'm certain will be a stronger more resilient version of yourself than if you go off the handle and either let the challenge overcome you or choose to let it defeat you. Ryan Holiday's book "The Obstacle is the Way" dives into this in such great detail. I read this book about 9 months before my cancer diagnosis. What great timing there! I think the hardest thing is to really put things into perspective and look at how to not only solve the problem (or come close), but also how to react to the problem. The point that we might not have power over our circumstances, but we definitely have power in how we react to them is so damn true! I signed up for my 7th half marathon that is in just 2 more weeks. My body has had a heck of a time healing from my major surgery and my clinical trial drug isn't making this process any easier. Long story short, I've had to take long periods of time off from running this winter and spring. Not only does this mean my children have a cranky mom, haha, but I'm completely unprepared to run 13 miles in two weeks. My initial response was getting a little pissed off and saying forget it. I'm not going. Then I decided that maybe I will go and just volunteer this time. Hand out water, cheer on the runners. I mean, this is important too! I went to see my doctors about a week ago and in discussing my symptoms, they added physical therapy to the mix of what I need to do to help my recovery.. Then one of my specialists said that maybe I just need to take a break from running because right now my body just isn't capable of keeping up with it to the degree that I'm accustomed. Maybe in the future I can try again. Well, I get this, but if you know me, that was all that was needed to be said to light the spark of "I"m running that damn half marathon if it's the last thing I do!!!". Add to all of this that my current running trail is partially closed due to some flooding we've had and I can't even run my normal course to even try to prepare! Like I said, MAJOR obstacles here! But here's where I"m at....I run fewer days a week than I've ever run to prepare for a race, but enough to keep me "going" even slightly. I'm getting really creative with my route, I hate it, but it's ok. I obviously understand that my body won't be able to run fabulous splits, so my expectation is to complete as many miles as I can to the best of my ability. If I walk, I walk. If I crawl, I crawl! The payoff comes in not only not giving up, but in doing whatever I can to make this happen because it means that much to me. I am confident that when it's all over, I will be proud of not letting some pretty big roadblocks keep me from achieving something that I genuinely want to achieve. I will have learned so much more about myself than if I were to just quit. I also have to learn to be humble about not only the process, but the end result. It's not where I want to be, but there will be important lessons to learn along the way. So how about we just look at roadblocks differently? Let's look at them as an opportunity. A different path. A new path that can lead to growth and accomplishments that you wouldn't otherwise get to experience. Embrace the roadblock...your future self will thank you for it. -M

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