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Your journey is worth 1,000 words...mine just 2.

Wednesday was a GREAT day! After yet another scan, I sat down with my dad for coffee & breakfast. The universe sent me a sign (I totally believe in signs) with my lucky #14...few hours later I hear CANCER FREE!!! Happy damn tears. ❤️🙏

On December 12, 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. To say my life was shattered, challenged and completely uprooted is an understatement. In one year, I completed 20 weeks of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy & reconstructive surgery, a (not recommended) little ICU stay for becoming septic, 8 weeks of radiation and participation in a clinical trial. All of this while taking care of my three children, working full time and working my ass off to keep a positive attitude so I could embrace this as the learning experience of a lifetime. What's weird (and unexpected), is that the worst year of my life was probably the BEST year of my life. The perspective I now have on life and of living is probably unique given my age. Experience really is the best teacher and while I have so much yet to learn, I consider myself schooled. Schooled in what is important and what is not. What I want to focus on moving forward and what I don't. Most importantly, that every single day is a gift and I get to choose what I give power to.

So now that I've heard the two words that have given me another chance at life...I'm moving forward with even more strength, grace and passion than I did for my first 39 years of life. I hope this blog falls in the laps of those who wish to laugh, learn and grow with me. Let's navigate this life thing with an open heart, open mind and faith that even the worst moments of your life can reward you with life's greatest gifts. -M

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Jan 05, 2019

Love it! 😘

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